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Multiple Jurisdictions

Asset Protection, Privacy, Freedom, Liberty & Well Being are the cornerstones of our services. By encouraging both individuals and companies to use multiple jurisdictions, our experience has shown us that individuals and companies can achieve the goals of ASSET PROTECTION, PRIVACY, FREEDOM, LIBERTY & WELL BEING ultimately allowing our clients to enjoy life to the fullest.

West Brook Development Inc. by combining the incorporation of International Business Companies with the founding of Private Interest Foundations offers a unique format to protect assets from jurisdictions where privacy and hence freedom have been lost.

We work according to the needs and objectives of each client while maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy. Through international associations with companies such as Smartsourcing Business Solutions Llc & Cyber National ​​Solutions S. A. among others, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to create & manage your assets internationally.

Our staff has extensive knowledge in the areas of Company Incorporation, Founding of Private Interest Foundations, Introduction to Bank Officials, Property Management, Business Analysis, Business Consulting & International Relocation Services. The needs of each client are analyzed individually taking into account the nationality of each and all parties as well as their interests and objectives, thus allowing us to help the client achieve the primary goals of our firm; asset protection, privacy, liberty, freedom & well being.

Our experience has taught us that a combination of two very specific jurisdictions combined with the clients native jurisdiction allows a level of asset protection, privacy, freedom, liberty & well being rarely found anywhere on earth. The combination of Panama and Costa Rica does offer the aforementioned characteristics. Each offers attractions and advantages from both a business and personal perspective. Each country offers incredible climate, fantastic location, natural beauty and a lifestyle hard to beat anywhere in the America's. One of the jurisdictions becomes the business center and the other becomes a jurisdiction of pleasure thus achieving a perfect blend of asset protection, privacy, liberty, freedom & well being.

Friends & Associates

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Privacy & Discretion

West Brook Development Inc believes that a strong, healthy, business relationship must be built on mutual trust and respect. Respecting privacy is one of the essential keys in developing successful relationships. West Brook Development understands that the Internet is "wide open" and most everything that passes through its wires can be viewed by others. West Brook Development Inc believes that securing privacy between two or more parties is best accomplished with "face to face" communications. Having said that, we know it isnt always possible, so don't be surprised if we eventually ask you to migrate to an encrypted email server in order to secure our communications. WBD takes privacy seriously. West Brook Development Inc promises to not willingly divulge information about our client, nor their communications with our company to third parties without the express written consent of our client.


West Brook Development Inc.

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